How will charitable proceeds from the plate be spent?

The proceeds of the new specialty license plate celebrating Nevada’s Dark Skies will be used to preserve and promote the unique qualities of Nevada that allow people to view the Milky Way and beyond with the naked eye. A portion of the proceeds will be set aside for distribution to qualifying rural Nevada entities to help promote astro-tourism in conjunction with programs to educate the public about the historic, cultural, and scientific values of a truly dark sky.

The sponsoring organization is Friends of Nevada Wilderness, a qualified 501 (C) (3) statewide nonprofit incorporated in 1984. 


Friends of Nevada Wilderness uses standard professional equipment and practices to monitor the amount of light in night skies on public lands. The collected data can help inform land management agencies of the relative darkness and work to find ways to mitigate proposed projects that would impact these dark skies from light pollution. Proceeds will help support this ongoing monitoring and assessment program.

Friends of Nevada Wilderness and other non-profit and governmental organizations are conducting more and more outreach to educate the public about the impacts of artificial light on wildlife, our natural environment and our ability to view star-studded skies. Proceeds will support this ongoing public outreach and education by providing program funding for appropriate educational materials and special events.

Friends of Nevada Wilderness supports the promotion of astro-tourism and local efforts to reduce excess artificial lighting in rural areas. Proceeds could support those local efforts by providing program funding for appropriate upgrading of lighting fixtures and infrastructure to enhance star-gazing opportunities.